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Pregnancy Yoga 


I offer a unique prenatal yoga and antenatal course designed to nurture, nourish and support you in your journey to parenthood. Let me give you the toolkit to have the positive birth experience you deserve.

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Co led by me- Jess, an experienced yoga teacher and mama to a little girl and my own mum Mandy Williams, retired community midwife of 40 years and mum of 5.


Join us and:


  • Step in to your power as a mother/ parent

  • Embrace a positive birth experience

  • Be confident in the physiology of birth and  the changes occurring in your body 

  • Strengthen your body for pregnancy and stabilise your pelvis for birth and beyond

  • Learn breath work to aid your mental well-being and support your labour 

  • Learn active birthing positions

  • Meet like minded, new parents. Ready to raise awesome kids in our community


You’ll get:

a weekly prenatal yoga class. 

antenatal sessions with Mandy 

Birth plan templates

Access to a private WhatsApp group

Ultimate home birth and hospital bag checklists 

Postnatal advice 

Breast feeding tips 


where and when: Little Buckholt House, SP51LT. Saturday 10-11.15am (or if a Mandy session 10-11.30am)

investment: £12 drop in or 4 consecutive classes for £36

Having a baby is an incredible experience but also a time of great change physically and emotionally. Pregnancy yoga helps you to step in to your power as a mother/ birth parent, trust in the wisdom of your body and support your mental well-being. 

Jess will guide you in finding movements that support your pregnant body, teach you beautiful pranayama (yogic breathing) that can be used in labour and to find connection with your baby. Jess will facilitate yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to help you find ease, comfort and deep nourishing rest. 

Jess is a trained pre/postnatal yoga teacher, studying with Uma Dinsmore Tuli PhD. Uma developed her version of pregnancy yoga over 20 years teaching the birthing people at Kings College and Guy's Hospital in London.

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